Me Time

I have a problem with me time. It’s interfering with my sleep, not a good pattern to start. Like my father before me, I come home from work later than I want, and yearn for a cocktail as reward for a hard days work. Hey, I deserve it, don’t I? Sure I do.

My drink is not his. His was a Godfather, or at least for the time when this image is seared into my memory of him. He also drank Rusty Nails, and I seem to remember Manhattans, too. We always had Amaretto, Drambuie and Sweet Vermouth. I never saw Sweet Vermouth in any of my friends parents liquor cabinets.

But those are drinks from another age, not my drinks at all.

Instead I drink what my grandfather did, whiskey and soda.

At the end of a long day, later than is good for me, because I should be in bed. I need to be up in the morning. I need my 8 hours. I’m not the whipper snapper I used to be, and I know it. But I want my me time, granddad drink and all, reading Billy Collins poetry and staying up too late.

So that’s what I’m doing.

4 thoughts on “Me Time

  1. Billy Collins is good. I also like Michael Ondaatje the Canadian Poet Laureate.

    You’ll find sweet vermouth in my liquor cabinet in the winter as well as my Dad’s. A well made Manhattan is a delight! Still it’s approaching summer so have you had a proper gin and tonic?

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  2. Dan loved a drink called a Godfather with equal parts Scotch and Amaretto and he alway requested not any amaretto but Sarono Amaretto only will do.


    1. Yes! That’s the drink that’s seared in memory. And I remember your Dad drank 7and7 or whiskey and soda. Of course, I was little, so that part is a little fuzzy.


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