This is the online home of B.S. Donovan. That’s me. The B.S. stands for what you might imagine. This is where I spin my B.S. Because that’s what the internet is for, no? My real name is Sean.

I have been a bar tender, English teacher, financial controller, and logistics manager. But my passions are fiction and art. Born and raised in Boston, MA, USA, I currently live in Japan.

My interests include reading (a wide range of short fiction, novels, graphic novels, non-fiction), writing (see earlier list) Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo), exercise, business. I speak English natively, Japanese fluently, and Mandarin Chinese, but not that well anymore. I have an undergrad degree in Comparative Literature, with a minor in Chinese Language. Later in life, I got an MBA during a lapse of judgement.

Consider everything I write on this site to be copyrighted by me. Your comments, of course, are your own.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you have an email or something I can use to contact you? I’m going to be shutting down my page but I wanted to keep in touch.


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