Showing Star Wars

   This is how I felt when I showed Star Wars to my kids. That is to say, when I tried to show it to my kids.  I was so excited. They were finally old enough to watch it with me. Maybe a little early still for the little one.  The wife was out with … More Showing Star Wars

Building Time Lapse

In 2012, the empty land next to us finally got built out. It’s a rare thing in Japan to have undeveloped land. My neighborhood is pretty rare that way. The reason is simple though; it’s all reclaimed land. 20 years ago this was ocean, or harbor anyway. Originally, that land was supposed to be used … More Building Time Lapse

Tokyo Bay Sunset

From my balcony, I can see Mt. Fuji. I can see fireworks from Tokyo Disney Land. I can see Tokyo Bay, and if I squint really hard, I can see the smoke stacks of industrial Kawasaki on the other side of the water, below and to the left of the mountain. When a typhoon sweeps … More Tokyo Bay Sunset