Movie Credits

A great friend of mine works in the movie industry all over the world. He’s based in Japan, so most of his work is here, but his work takes him all over. A couple of years back, I really wanted to see what his work was like. It was also when drones were becoming more … More Movie Credits

Showing Star Wars

   This is how I felt when I showed Star Wars to my kids. That is to say, when I tried to show it to my kids.  I was so excited. They were finally old enough to watch it with me. Maybe a little early still for the little one.  The wife was out with … More Showing Star Wars

Building Time Lapse

In 2012, the empty land next to us finally got built out. It’s a rare thing in Japan to have undeveloped land. My neighborhood is pretty rare that way. The reason is simple though; it’s all reclaimed land. 20 years ago this was ocean, or harbor anyway. Originally, that land was supposed to be used … More Building Time Lapse

Tokyo Bay Sunset

From my balcony, I can see Mt. Fuji. I can see fireworks from Tokyo Disney Land. I can see Tokyo Bay, and if I squint really hard, I can see the smoke stacks of industrial Kawasaki on the other side of the water, below and to the left of the mountain. When a typhoon sweeps … More Tokyo Bay Sunset