German Film Review

Film: Grüße aus Fukushima (Greetings from Fukushima, aka Fukushima, Mon Amour) Director: Dorris Dorrie Starring: Kaori Momoi, Rosalie Tomass Note: Some Spoilers I mentioned in an earlier post that last year I worked on a German Film set in Japan. It was released in a film festival in Germany back in February to pretty good … Continue reading German Film Review

Berlin Film Review: ‘Fukushima, mon amour’

The film I mentioned earlier was reviewed by Variety. It was well-received. Some quotes from the review "rapturous response at the Berlinale" "Although she employs blunt metaphors involving tea ceremonies and geishas... Doerrie [the director] doesn’t presume to understand or verbalize what the living victims of such cataclysmic misfortune feel. Instead, her penchant for drawing awkward misfits allows … Continue reading Berlin Film Review: ‘Fukushima, mon amour’

Grüße aus Fukushima (Greetings from Fukushima) 

Last year, I went to Fukushima to make a film. My part in it was small, not acting, drone camerawork. It was a lot more devastating than I thought it would be. Devastating because the place was devastated, but also the impact it had on me. There were whole towns, communities, counties that have become … Continue reading Grüße aus Fukushima (Greetings from Fukushima)