Mortal Stakes

Thoughts on Mortal StakesRobert B Parker I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Robert B. Parker before. I’m on another reading kick, this time Mortal Stakes, his third in the Spenser series, published in 1975. So I was 9 when it came out. Parker spends lots of time on morality in his Spenser novels, often using other … More Mortal Stakes

Akeome, Kotoyoro

In Japanese, they say “Akemashite Omedetougozaimasu Kotoshi mo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” for Happy New Year. Yes, it is quite a mouthful. Young people in the country think so, too. So they take the beginning sounds (which I have helpfully bolded for your benefit. I’m nice that way) of the main words and just say that. It’s … More Akeome, Kotoyoro