August Shodo

I feel a little better about my kanji this month. I took a break for about a month for summer vacation and also work. But I came back with a fresh perspective. And the characters kind of reflect that. The following say (basically) precise pen, spare ink, where spare means not too much. If you … More August Shodo


I’m starting to think that I should have taken these leveling tests a long time ago. The monthly grind is good, but progress is gradual. Then I take this test and Bam! 2 levels, or 3.  Kana has been my strong suit all along, much to my surprise, and this time is no exception. I … More Results


From my hotel to the Japan Writers Conference at Tokushima University last month. Shot on a DJI Osmo. The section through the trees is the best. The frame rate dropped to about one sixth of a second, which made it blur. I think that’s the secret.

Tea Leaves

I spent the day in Shizuoka today. Despite having lived in the country for 18 years or so, I’d never really spent much time here. ¬†One time I visited a friend in Hamamatsu, but I never got outside the city. This time I drove. A lot of it highway, but then I got off the … More Tea Leaves