Spambot Overlords

My good friend and partner in blogdom, JT, posted recently that he has “been discovered” by the Russian Spambot Overlords. With 50 pageviews from Russia, where he knows no one (I assume), compared to 28 from the US, where the vast majority of his friends live. I almost never check my own stats; I’m not … More Spambot Overlords

Book Review — Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion

Book Review Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion By Robert Cialdini Image thanks to I’m not a marketer; I have avoided it, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. 14 years ago, I started an MBA program, mostly because my salary was stagnant. This makes sense when your undergraduate degree is in Comparative Literature with a minor … More Book Review — Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion

The Six Principles That Will Make Your Content Go Viral

Book Review Contagious by Jonah Berger “Virality Isn’t Born – It’s Made” A couple of years back – ok it was 15 years ago, I’m old – 15 years back, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called The Tipping Point about how there are people in our lives that guide opinion. Even now, companies spend tons … More The Six Principles That Will Make Your Content Go Viral

Top 3 Best TED Talks

Top TED talks on My List (in no particular order) Amy Cuddy: YOUR BODY LANGUAGE SHAPES WHO YOU ARE What is it: The way you carry yourself impacts your brain chemistry The speaker, Amy Cuddy, is a Social Psychologist. What she discovered in her research is that pretending you are confident actually makes you more … More Top 3 Best TED Talks

It Just Sticks

In 2006, Amazon hired me as a Finance Manager for a Fulfillment Center in Chiba, Japan. Later I took on responsibility for Finance in the warehouse network. Then, in 2011, I made the shift from Finance to Operations Planning. What you focus on defines who you are as a company. Amazon is probably best known … More It Just Sticks