Passing Time

Like a lot of people these days, I am working from home for a little bit. Apropos of nothing, or perhaps just to pass the early morning hours (I get a little more time in the day sans-commute), I decided to start recording my dreams. For a long time, it seems, I haven’t been remembering … More Passing Time

The Six Principles That Will Make Your Content Go Viral

Book Review Contagious by Jonah Berger “Virality Isn’t Born – It’s Made” A couple of years back – ok it was 15 years ago, I’m old – 15 years back, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called The Tipping Point about how there are people in our lives that guide opinion. Even now, companies spend tons … More The Six Principles That Will Make Your Content Go Viral

Top 3 Best TED Talks

Top TED talks on My List (in no particular order) Amy Cuddy: YOUR BODY LANGUAGE SHAPES WHO YOU ARE What is it: The way you carry yourself impacts your brain chemistry The speaker, Amy Cuddy, is a Social Psychologist. What she discovered in her research is that pretending you are confident actually makes you more … More Top 3 Best TED Talks

It Just Sticks

In 2006, Amazon hired me as a Finance Manager for a Fulfillment Center in Chiba, Japan. Later I took on responsibility for Finance in the warehouse network. Then, in 2011, I made the shift from Finance to Operations Planning. What you focus on defines who you are as a company. Amazon is probably best known … More It Just Sticks