I picked up the first of the Dresden Files novels. I’ve never read them, despite their popularity and longevity. I’m enjoying it so far, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because of the villain. I can’t help but imagine him as Donald Trump. Below is the description. His salt-and-pepper hair was … Continue reading Villains

Mortal Stakes

Thoughts on Mortal StakesRobert B Parker I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Robert B. Parker before. I’m on another reading kick, this time Mortal Stakes, his third in the Spenser series, published in 1975. So I was 9 when it came out. Parker spends lots of time on morality in his Spenser novels, often using other … Continue reading Mortal Stakes

The Last Emperox

Book ReviewThe Last Emperoxby John Scalzi I’ve been a Scalzi fan since 2006. I buy most of his novels in hardback. This time I bought it e-book but that’s just because I had to wait too long for the physical copy. I suspect it was import problems related to the pandemic. The Interdependency is my … Continue reading The Last Emperox

Fine, I’ll Meet You There

“Would you care to have a drink with me after work?" I said. "That would be lovely," she said. "Where and when?" "Ritz bar, this evening when you get through." "Five thirty," she said. "I'll meet you there," I said. Excerpt FromValedictionRobert B Parker Big Robert B. fan from decades past, I’m re-reading Valediction, published … Continue reading Fine, I’ll Meet You There

Book Review – The Postman

Book Review The Postman By David Brin Note: I spoil. That said, the novel is over 30 years old, so if you haven't read it, where have you been for the last several decades? Tropes abound in post-holocaust fiction. The struggle against the fall into chaos. A man (or woman, but let's face it, usually … Continue reading Book Review – The Postman

Book Review – Rogue Protocal

Book Review Rogue Protocal By Martha Wells I spoil. This is a 150 page story, the 3rd in a 4-book series. The second book felt a little pricey. The last 3 were released in May, August, and October, 2018. So it's a 600 page novel split into four full-priced morsels. I'm certain that I've detected … Continue reading Book Review – Rogue Protocal

Book Review- The Consuming Fire

Book Review The Consuming Fire By John Scalzi In no particular order, I write my thoughts as they come. I may spoil. Honestly, I'm not sure yet. This is a stream of consciousness blog, doncherknow. The Consuming Fire is the second in a series called The Interdependency. I reviewed the first, The Collapsing Empire, about … Continue reading Book Review- The Consuming Fire

Book Review – Bannerless

Book Review Bannerless By Carrie Vaughn As always, I spoil with out warning so be...warned. I've never read any of Ms. Vaughn's novels. She's famous for a series in which a werewolf named Kitty hosts a radio talk show for the supernatural. I discovered Bannerless on John Scalzi's blog, Whatever, and decided to give it … Continue reading Book Review – Bannerless

Book Review – Artificial Condition

Book Review Artificial Condition By Martha Wells As always, I spoil when it pleases me. About 4 months ago I read the first in this series, All Systems Red, which I bought for four bucks on Kindle, and was very pleased. It set up the character, as well as established a longer arc and mystery. … Continue reading Book Review – Artificial Condition

Book Review – Head On

Book Review Head On By John Scalzi I may include spoilers. Fore-warned and -armed and all that. There are only a handful of authors whose books I will buy almost sight unseen. Scalzi is one of them. He's one of the few authors whose books I will buy in hardcover, as well (also, the discount … Continue reading Book Review – Head On