I picked up the first of the Dresden Files novels. I’ve never read them, despite their popularity and longevity. I’m enjoying it so far, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because of the villain. I can’t help but imagine him as Donald Trump. Below is the description. His salt-and-pepper hair was … More Villains

Moth Wisdom

I’m reading a book, basically a transcription of stories told on the Moth stage. One story kind of hit hard. Let me quote it here. Western mental health workers who came here [East Africa] immediately after the genocide, and we had to ask some of them to leave.” I said, “What was the problem?” And … More Moth Wisdom

My New Pen

In 2016, I joined a writers group so I could flex my old dream into maybe more than a hobby. Writing. The long-term dream is still there, but the skill is not much more than a hobby. I’ve published one short story and sold another (still not published, but sold, I cashed the check). Over … More My New Pen

On How the Word “Semiconductor” Changed My Life – and not in the way you think

The word “semiconductor” changed my life, but it has nothing to do with computer chips, the Internet, or cat videos. It’s just me. This blog is a little long and very navel gazey. Forewarned. I got a real kick outta learning languages back in the day. I’m feeling like I lost that a bit, which … More On How the Word “Semiconductor” Changed My Life – and not in the way you think