Level Up! Lvl 8 Kana

Surprisingly, I leveled up in the kana section of Shodo! Again!

This was doubly unexpected because it is both hard for my classmates, or so I’m told, and also because I have never had any formal education in Japanese. I studied Kanji in Chinese, and even took a couple of lessons in Shodo (which they call Shufa in Mandarin) during the one year I spent in Taiwan nearly 26 years ago. Wow, do I feel old writing that. 

My sensei, whom I’ve described before as a real peach because she is awesome, attributes this to my lack of formal training. I am a blank slate, apparently😳. Go figure. Kana in Shodo is apparently different from what people write everyday, which makes it hard for her regular students. I’m not sure there is a reason. She might just be saying nice things to encourage me. Doesn’t matter. She could say almost anything and I’d be happy.

Part of me feels like a kid getting an A on a test! hanging it up on the fridge with a magnet. That part of me is posting this here. Honestly not sure what the other parts of me are doing.


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