Kanji – level 9 !

Finally made it up one level in kanji. It has only taken me… gulp, 7 months to get here. Kind of a long time, but I can feel a big difference in my ability. This last week at my lesson, I had to write a month’s worth of kanji, kana, andpenji. While it wasn’t great, I did it in one afternoon, just two hours. This was unthinkable before. Below are my submission for the month of May


This month, I took my sensei’is advice and tried a different style for kanji. Below is a style from Tang Dynasty, most popularly from Chu Sui-Liang, a Chinese official during the reigns of the emperors Taizong and Gaozong. You can see some cool images online. anyway, something different.



Nothing new or different here. For kana, we have to try to copy exactly. No new styles in kana, unfortunately. Incidentally, when you sign your name to something that is a copy, you have to sign it and then write “rin” at the end. See the bottom left character in the photo below. That says you’re copying exactly (apparently).


Only pen left at the lowest level. Probably not going to do it with this one, but that’s ok.



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