Screen Withdrawal – pt 2

It is slightly less than a month since I made my public declaration. One month without video games or TV. The fact that I am writing this less than a month on should give you a hint. No, I did not, in fact make it a month without. On the 15th I had what some might call “a bad day.” This is an excuse. Long story short, I decided it would indeed be just fine if I played Civ V. And, since I would have some time when the Computer calculated the AI players turns, I binge watched Daredevil. The 15th, mind you, was a Thursday. As such, it is “a school day.” Yes, I did stay up till 2 am and get up at 7.

I felt kinda crappy.

I doubt that I will need to uninstall games again, but I also don’t feel the need to.


2 thoughts on “Screen Withdrawal – pt 2

  1. Wow! And ouch. 4.5 hours of sleep if settling down is accounted for. And yet, I get it. Going cold turkey is damned hard. Sounds like you got to a good place for now. I’d count that as a win?


    1. Yes, a win. No question. I get strangely addicted from time to time, get into ruts. I need to kick myself in the pants and straighten my head. This was one of those times.


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