The Moon Through my Telephoto Lens


Yes, I took that with my camera and a telephoto lens. The lens was not expensive in the grand scale of things. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but things are relative. The lens was about three hundred dollars. While the camera I used was a new version, the older version that fits this lens is about a hundred dollars – used. And yet, I can see the features of the moon.

Let me repeat, I can see the features of the moon.

With a camera you can buy relatively cheaply.

OK, I’m still a little stunned by that, clearly.

Anyway, my neighbors might be worried about me sitting on my balcony and pointing a zoom lens that can see the features of the moon at them. I promise I won’t look inside anyone’s windows. But just check out this time lapse of the moon passing a building on the other side of my neighborhood.


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