Bill Murray Rolled His Eyes at Me

Not the real Bill Murray, it was a dream Bill Murray. So why the Arnie picture? Read on…

I was fighting against terminators in what must have been a prequel to the movie (first one) because Arnie was a real human, a young one. He sacrificed himself to save a bunch of people, myself included. But the terminators took away his body in the end.

I said what a hero he was, but Bill Murray, who was also there (of course), looked unimpressed. Later, when the terminators started to make the T-1000 based on Arnie, Bill Murray said it was stupid to base it on that.

Because he was a loser soldier, going off and getting himself killed.

I said he was a hero, and that was when Bill Murray he rolled his eyes at me.

Why did my brain substitute Bill Murray for Trump, and Arnie for McCain? I’m an enigma.


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