Not a Bluff

Long time no see.

My posts have been very negative in the last year, all two of them. I should apologize, but the world is what it is. In my last post I wrote about how the stock market will crash. It is unfortunately in the middle of doing that.

This time, I worry about Putin. He has said he will use all means necessary to defend Russia. Of course, he means nuclear weapons.

At the same time, he annexes regions of Ukraine. When the “referenda” show the people in those regions want to join Russia, which of course they will since it is a sham, those regions become Russia. In his view.

Ukraine retakes land, which of course they will, because it is Ukraine.

So where does he point the nuclear weapons? Do we dare contemplate?Kyiv?

It seems like he’s trying to tell us that is what will happen, that is what he will do.

I take my Xanax and go to sleep.

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