Grüße aus Fukushima (Greetings from Fukushima) 

Last year, I went to Fukushima to make a film. My part in it was small, not acting, drone camerawork. It was a lot more devastating than I thought it would be. Devastating because the place was devastated, but also the impact it had on me. There were whole towns, communities, counties that have become unlivable. We stayed in a prefab hotel. Yes there are such things. Mutli-story, too. The irony was that only a five minute car ride away was an entire town of beautiful homes that were rendered unlivable.

The film influenced my reaction. I had read the script a couple of days earlier. There was a profound sadness, and a profound sense of love and redemption. See it.

The trailer for the film is available online now. The aerial shot at 56 seconds is mine. Small but mine.

A link to details about the film (in German).


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