Mega Mac

I give myself one day a week to eat junk food; cake, ice cream, pasta carbonara with extra bacon. This past weekend I went McD’s before meeting some friends in Ikebukuro. I’d thought for the longest time that McD’s should make a Big Mac with Quarterpounder burgers. Then they advertised the Grand Big Mac. I … More Mega Mac

2015 in Review

Image thanks to My new year’s resolution is to write my year in review earlier next time. “Why the monkey on the sheep?” you ask? 2015 was the year of the sheep. 2016 is the monkey. I think that technically it is a goat, but hey the Chinese character for goat and sheep are … More 2015 in Review

Merry Christmas !

I haven’t been to church in decades, so I mean this in the secular, new year, commercial, presents, warm and fuzzy, Rudolf and Clarice (from the stop animation circa 1964) kind of way. So please eat too much ham, turkey, roast beef, goose, or Chinese turkey (love that movie – hope you catch the reference). … More Merry Christmas !