Published – in Asimov’s

A short story I wrote was published in Asimov’s Magazine of Science Fiction. It’s called “You’ll Live.” The idea for the story came when I was thinking about self-driving cars, and it veered off from there. I think that when we have real self-driving cars our lives will be very different. Cars will become living … Continue reading Published – in Asimov’s

Moth Wisdom

I'm reading a book, basically a transcription of stories told on the Moth stage. One story kind of hit hard. Let me quote it here. Western mental health workers who came here [East Africa] immediately after the genocide, and we had to ask some of them to leave.” I said, “What was the problem?” And … Continue reading Moth Wisdom

My New Pen

In 2016, I joined a writers group so I could flex my old dream into maybe more than a hobby. Writing. The long-term dream is still there, but the skill is not much more than a hobby. I've published one short story and sold another (still not published, but sold, I cashed the check). Over … Continue reading My New Pen

Book Review – The Promise of Space and Other Stories

I read John Scalzi's blog fairly often. He has a section called Big Idea, where he introduces scifi novels, collections, etc. I found The Promise of Space and Other Stories there. I wanted short. I wanted scifi. I was in the right mood to buy the book. As an impulse, I bought the e-version on … Continue reading Book Review – The Promise of Space and Other Stories

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction – and How They Won Me Over

If you read my bibliography, you'll know that I try to write fiction. I got the bug, so to speak, two years back, maybe a little more. I sold one story so far, trying to sell more. There are a bunch of professional magazines for the type of fiction I want to write, maybe 10 … Continue reading The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction – and How They Won Me Over

Book Review – Self Help

Book Review or How to Read  Self Help By Lorrie Moore Forget how to describe the type of sentence for giving instructions. Remember only interrogative, declarative, and exclamatory. Look up imperative online. Discover that it is fourth grade level language arts. Feel embarrassed, but since its been over forty years, cut yourself some slack. Most … Continue reading Book Review – Self Help

Book Review – Birds of America

Book Review  Birds of America By Lorrie Moore My Dad passed away more than couple of years back. He'd been sick; his kidneys had failed and the transplant went poorly, so he was in dialysis three days a week. He had to sit still for three or four hours with a needle in his fistula. … Continue reading Book Review – Birds of America