Published – in Asimov’s

A short story I wrote was published in Asimov’s Magazine of Science Fiction. It’s called “You’ll Live.” The idea for the story came when I was thinking about self-driving cars, and it veered off from there. I think that when we have real self-driving cars our lives will be very different. Cars will become living … Continue reading Published – in Asimov’s

Book Review – Rogue Protocal

Book Review Rogue Protocal By Martha Wells I spoil. This is a 150 page story, the 3rd in a 4-book series. The second book felt a little pricey. The last 3 were released in May, August, and October, 2018. So it's a 600 page novel split into four full-priced morsels. I'm certain that I've detected … Continue reading Book Review – Rogue Protocal

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction – and How They Won Me Over

If you read my bibliography, you'll know that I try to write fiction. I got the bug, so to speak, two years back, maybe a little more. I sold one story so far, trying to sell more. There are a bunch of professional magazines for the type of fiction I want to write, maybe 10 … Continue reading The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction – and How They Won Me Over

Book Review – Birds of America

Book Review  Birds of America By Lorrie Moore My Dad passed away more than couple of years back. He'd been sick; his kidneys had failed and the transplant went poorly, so he was in dialysis three days a week. He had to sit still for three or four hours with a needle in his fistula. … Continue reading Book Review – Birds of America