Tokyo Bay Sunset

From my balcony, I can see Mt. Fuji. I can see fireworks from Tokyo Disney Land. I can see Tokyo Bay, and if I squint really hard, I can see the smoke stacks of industrial Kawasaki on the other side of the water, below and to the left of the mountain.

When a typhoon sweeps away all the clouds, and the smog, the sky is so clear you can see halfway across the country it seems. On other evenings the sunsets take your breath away. The other night was one such night.

As I watched the sun painting the sky with purple and orange, I decided I had to capture it and share it. I pulled out my camera and tripod, attached my extreme zoom lens, telescoped it to 600mm and started shooting. The sun seems to fill half the frame when you zoom in that close.

Taken over about 6 minutes, I took one shot per second. What you see then is time sped up about 30 times.

Check it out:


4 thoughts on “Tokyo Bay Sunset

    1. Panasonic Lumix GH1, pretty old these days. Bought it 4-5 years ago. The lens was an Olympus Zuiko ED70. Technically only 300mm, but the cropping makes it look like 600mm. And I used an Etsumi remote control timer. I love my toys.


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