Japan Is Awesome – Usually

Japan is awesome. I've written a couple of posts about my adopted home. While there are more than a few examples of great innovations, I've also written about how Japan has mangled the English language. Maybe I shouldn't say "mangle.” In the end, words are imported. And when they are imported, they transform and take … Continue reading Japan Is Awesome – Usually


carried on the mountain winds

里とほき八声の鳥の初声に花の香送る春の山風 satohotoki, yagoeno torino, hatsukoe ni, hananoka okuru, haruno yamakaze In my home town, everywhere you can hear, the first calls of birds, the fragrance of flowers, carried on the mountain winds. The imagery of this one hit me on the heartstrings. I don't live in mountains, admittedly. But I do, or did, live in … Continue reading carried on the mountain winds