Video I Shot Was On TV

At the end of last year, I was talking to a buddy of mine, Chris. He’s a really creative guy who writes screen plays, translates movies, coaches actors, shoots sports for the World Cup, and produces Documentaries (among other cool things). I was telling him it would be really fun to see what he does for a living. If there was a chance to go along with him on  a movie shoot I’d really like it. He says to me, sure, but maybe we can get you to actually take some video, too. About half a year earlier, I had bought myself a quadcopter. Yes I did have more money than sense. Above is the copter I bought (thanks to gizmag for the image) So my friend Chris has a shoot out in Shizuoka, on the beach in Hamamatsu, with a university team of PhDs and PhD students that are testing a lunar lander for the Google X-Prize. We go out there for a milestone test. The TV show was for a Canadian Discovery Channel-like show. It’s only 6 minutes, but about half the shots from the air are mine. Check it out. And thanks, Chris, for letting me tag along. I had a blast! And thanks to bellmedia for the video link


3 thoughts on “Video I Shot Was On TV

  1. No problem. No rain on that parade at all. Pretty weird stuff in this country. As a follow up on the fruit dispenser, it apparently has been upgraded. It used to weigh 8 kg, now only 3kg, and was in the Tokyo marathon. It was on the morning news 2 days ago.



  2. I will admit to feeling just a tiny pinch of Geek Envy for your being able to participate. The main reason I read–and, now, blog–is to find out interesting stuff, and it’s going to hard to trump this one.


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