Showing Star Wars

This is how I felt when I showed Star Wars to my kids. That is to say, when I tried to show it to my kids. 

I was so excited. They were finally old enough to watch it with me. Maybe a little early still for the little one.  The wife was out with her girlfriends. It was “movie night” with the girls. Dinner done. Ice cream ready.

30 minutes in, the girls both said, “daddy, do we have to watch this?”

“Um, no, I guess not.”

And then I sat and stared at the table, despondent, bereft.

Like Luke, after Obiwan had sacrificed himself at Darth Vader’s hand.


5 thoughts on “Showing Star Wars

      1. Kids today. When I was a boy, etc.

        One of my many many complaints about The Phantom Menace was that it appeared to have been edited by an ADHD sufferer.


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