Tei Dosho style

Ok, so not Gangnam Style, but even better, Tei Dosho style! Tei Dosho, as they say in Japan, was a Chinese official during the Northern Wei Dynasty. In Chinese, his name is pronounced Zheng Daozhao, and he was Wei awesome. When was the Northern Wei Dynasty? Like 386-534 AD. He is way cooler than Park Jae-sang (aka PSY), who was popular on Youtube in 2012. They are both kind of passe, but Zheng Daozhao has more staying power. I mean, come on, 1,500 years of popularity compared to 4 years ago on youtube. You feel me?

Tei Dosho (aka the Zheng-ster) was probably most famous for the Zheng Wengong monument, where he wrote his characters in stone. The style of the lower monument is known today because the stone is in better shape. It is probably best known for the rounded edges at the start of each stroke.

See below from wikipedia

So mine doesn’t look exactly like that. It’s not really meant to. My sensei said it is kind of that style-ish. Don’t worry too much about it. Anyway, rounded edges as you start the strokes.


The lesson to be learned? If you want to be remembered for a long time, go with stone inscriptions, not youtube…

says the guy writing on wordpress



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