Mega Mac

I give myself one day a week to eat junk food; cake, ice cream, pasta carbonara with extra bacon. This past weekend I went McD’s before meeting some friends in Ikebukuro.

I’d thought for the longest time that McD’s should make a Big Mac with Quarterpounder burgers. Then they advertised the Grand Big Mac.

I immediately thought of Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. But I know that I don’t live in a Tarantino movie. And I am grateful. Because, while the dialogue is great – if a little big campy – most of the characters die horribly. Usually with large bore firearms.

I was surprisingly excited to try it out. I was expectant. I’d saved up my junk food credits for the whole week. I bit into it with anticipation, and…

It’s a big Big Mac. So it is not a Mac Royale. It is also not a Big Mac with Quarterpounder patties. It’s a Big Mac about a third bigger than the regular one.

It was alright.

That’s about it.


3 thoughts on “Mega Mac

  1. I have learned, many times over, that large quantities of ice cream just aren’t as satisfying in reality as they are in my imagination. As the weather is getting warmer, I expect I’ll be learning it again soon.


    1. The imagining of the thing is so much better than the thing.

      They’re coming out with a Giga Mac, 2.8 x the beef, BTW

      I really want to try that one out.



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