Lawless Lands

My first short story is going to be published!

“Volunteered” — in which a volunteer lawman transports a murderer to the spaceport on a backwater planet. To get off planet, he will have to run the gauntlet– has been accepted by Lawless Lands, a short story anthology from Fallstaff Publishing. It is one of twenty stories, all set in a western like setting but with a fantastic element.

I’ve just gotten word that the kickstarter campaign launched today. (For those of you unfamiliar with kickstarter, it is a website that helps fund creative projects, also known as crowdfunding).

Special thanks to my friends JT, Robin, and Bill, who were patient and kind readers. Truly, their encouragement and feedback in this new adventure of writing has been amazing. Without them, I doubt I could have succeeded.

Additional thanks to all the great people at the Tokyo Writers Workshop, who were also extremely kind and helpful. Back in February, I joined TWW. This was the very first story of mine that we reviewed, called Long Shot at the time.
As this is a kickstarter campaign, if you are interested in purchasing the book, please do check out the campaign and make a contribution.

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