Thank You !

I just checked out the kickstarter page for the anthology where my first published story will appear. And it looks like we made our target. As of this writing, the kickstarter was at $7,630. The goal was $7,500. So that does it!

I made a joke the other day in an earlier post, saying that if you backed this project then I’d be your best friend. Chances are, if you did back the project and you’re reading this, then you probably already are one of my best friends in the world. Who else does that kind of thing but good friends and family, no?

So, long winded way of saying, thank you. I’m feeling the love. Hope this all too inadequate post lets you feel the love back.


6 thoughts on “Thank You !

  1. Congrats! I suspect a lot of folks family and friends backed it, but then again it looks like a good project. I’m looking forward to reading the book. Do you want the poster I’m getting?


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