You know you’re in trouble when

… you find yourself deeply involved in the squealing feedback loop that is political social media. I spent the morning (yes the whole morning) reading my twitter and facebook feeds, then following links to news sources.This is unusual for me. I have tried for the last couple of months (since November to be precise) to avoid that trap. Multiple readers (2 is multiple) have noted that I have posted with a political bent lately. Yes, I am feeling a bit bent.

I think that it is the clan-like demonstrations, or maybe the threat of nuclear war, or maybe it’s the revolving door in the president’s cabinet. I could go on, but I would be revisiting the obvious. You can cry about it or you can laugh. I hope this is a laugh.

Childish twit ter, DONALD TRUMP, can be rearranged to spell “lop mud rant”

Political bedfellow, VLADIMIR PUTIN, can be rearranged to spell “in a livid trump”

To make sure that the right has their day, HILLARY CLINTON can be rearranged to spell “chilly loin rant”

I’m just saying


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