Passing Time

Like a lot of people these days, I am working from home for a little bit. Apropos of nothing, or perhaps just to pass the early morning hours (I get a little more time in the day sans-commute), I decided to start recording my dreams. For a long time, it seems, I haven’t been remembering … More Passing Time

A Political Joke

Politics in the US are made up of the left and the right. On the right, there’s nothing right. On the left, there’s nothing left. I wish I could give proper credit for the above joke. I heard it somewhere. It’s not a direct quote either. But it is amazingly true. There’s nothing for me … More A Political Joke

Chibi Trump

I started a cartoon last week thinking that the press conference where Trump showed his true colors would be the theme. Then so many things happened before I finished it, that it wasn’t relevant anymore. This kind of thing happens a lot. You think that you’ve finally seen it all and then something else comes … More Chibi Trump