March Shodo

I did some new Japanese Calligraphy in March. The work we write in March gets submitted around week two of the following month. This is a little late to post about, but I like what I did so I’m sharing it now. Kana is my best area. It flows and connects from one word to … More March Shodo

Level Up – Kana

Hey, it’s been forever since I’ve been able to show some progress, but in the March issue of Shodo Geijutsu, the magazine for my Shodo group, you can read that I made it to yukyu. This is up from 1 kyu. Check out the cover of the mag: My name has a big old circle … More Level Up – Kana

January Shodo

I kind of like my kanji submission this month. I still feel awkward and clumsy with the size, especially with the non-cursive style I have to use. But this month was fun if not skillful. Below is my kana submission. While I think I could have done better, I feel like I know more specifically … More January Shodo

December Shodo

Kanji hasn’t really improved since last year, but my rankings among the 3 kyu skews a little to the top. I’m going to try to test up in February. Until then, I plod along with the following, which means think a thousand (times), ponder ten thousand. Which is kind of saying the same thing twice, … More December Shodo

November Shodo

I feel like I’m starting to get the basics. The below is still pretty pedestrian, but the balance was good, and I feel like I started to “get it” a bit more than usual. This month’s kana is a waka (和歌), a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable poem. When I was writing it I didn’t really understand the … More November Shodo

Shodo – October

Shodo has a weirdly important place in my heart. I go with my daughter on Saturdays. My Sensei is a peach. I struggle and progress slowly, yet I look forward to it.  I enjoy it because I get time together with the little one, but I also learn, and it is art. I have a … More Shodo – October