Shodo – Tobikyu

Tobikyu \ˈtō ˈbē ˈkyü\

Verb (used without object)

1) To tobu a kyu

2) No really, you tobu completely over a kyu to the next kyu

3) so tobu means to jump or fly, and kyu is a level, so it means jumping up more than one level at a time. Kind of like skipping a grade.

And that’s just what I did. In both kanji and kana. Which is making me all kinds of happy. Kanji is now up to 1st kyu (up from 3rd kyu), so I still gotta get past tokkyu, yukyu, and shukyu before I reach dan. But it seems possible now, in reach, not just a dream.

And then there’s kana a little further down the page. With this test, I reached shukyu (up from tokkyu), so now one step below dan. If I apply myself. I might actually get that dan this year at the next level up test. That would be amazing.


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