Recording More Dreams

A while back, I started recording my dreams. I don’t always remember, but last night I had a dream about BTS.

If you’re neither interested in dreams not BTS, fair warning to stop reading.

I am not a teenage girl.

<dream>I was at a music festival in the states, which turned out to be Canobie Lake Park, which, if you’re not from New England means nothing. To me and my kids, it means the local amusement park we usually go to in the summer.

I was sitting on a giant puffy pillow 🧐, like a bouncy house. And sitting next to me was RM from BTS (no link here, I assume you know BTS). And nobody was running over and screaming and asking for his autograph. So I went up to him to say, “Hey, don’t you think its kind of relaxing that you don’t have thousands of screaming fans coming up to you to take your picture?”

But suddenly he wasn’t RM. He was Taehyung, aka V, only the dark haired version. And he said he wants me to ask him in Japanese because he doesn’t speak English so well. I don’t know how he knew I could speak Japanese in my dream but he did. And hey, it’s a dream.

So I ask him. But he looks disappointed and starts to walk away. As I’m about to ask him if I can take his picture for my kids (they’re in the park somewhere, too), I realize he’s not the real Taehyung. Instead, he’s in a BTS cover band, not the real thing, and he doesn’t speak Korean or Japanese at all. He was just pretending. And I could see that he wasn’t the real Taehyung because This guy had a beard, kind of stubbly, which of course, is impossible.

And I was actually disappointed.</dream>

So I tell my daughters. The young one said, “too funny Dad, I’m surprised that you know who Teahyung is and what he looks like.” Which is a good point.

And the other said

“I had a dream about BTS tooooo!

I was getting off a huge plane , but there were only few people.
And I was walking with you, Dad!!

When I got off the plane,there was a big window,so I looked outside. The sky was blue and pink. And that was weird. 🧐 Then I heard the song “boy with luv ” so I walked toward the sound. And there was BTS dancing in front of a green screen and shooting a music video. (I don’t know why they were shooting in an airport. ) I was like 😮😮😮. I went closer (maybe too close, cuz I was in front of the camera. 🤣) Than Jimin waved and smiled to me !!!!

Then we figured that the sky was blue and pink because the music video for “boy with luv” is mostly blue and pink.”

Father and daughter in the same dream.


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