Shodo – Test up Kana

As I learn more shodo I find I understand not only the art of the lettering, but also the poetry. Truth be told, I don't really concentrate on the meaning of the words as I'm writing; I focus on the lines and the composition. But lately, the poems themselves are hitting me in the heart … Continue reading Shodo – Test up Kana


Beauty in the Eye

Kanji this month was tough. I had a trouble looking up the following on the internet. 妍因俗易 I could be way off, but my best guess of a direct translation is: beauty changes with custom or, in more modern terms beauty is in the eye of the beholder (maybe?) Kana is another waka. あしはやに、くる春ならむ、雲竜の、やなぎ一度に、ふくれきにけり ashi … Continue reading Beauty in the Eye


I started Shodo four years ago as a way to help my youngest on her kanji tests in school, never with the intention of pursuing it seriously. Something about how my Sensei teaches, and the regularity of studying together every week changed my attitude. Below is my official certificate that I reached shodan, first dan … Continue reading Shodan