From my hotel to the Japan Writers Conference at Tokushima University last month. Shot on a DJI Osmo. The section through the trees is the best. The frame rate dropped to about one sixth of a second, which made it blur. I think that’s the secret.

Nearly Full Moon

On the 20th, the moon was full. I had been really looking forward to it. Earlier in the month, I had pointed my camera into the skies and taken a surprisingly good picture of the moon. But it wasn’t full yet. On the 18th, I got a good view. I thought I’d practice for the … More Nearly Full Moon

Anamorphic Lens

I bought a lens adapter for a hundred twenty bucks from a company called Moondog Labs. They became slightly famous last year among certain circles because of a movie that was filmed entirely on an iPhone. It was called Tangerine. I haven’t seen it, but that doesn’t mean anything. What piqued my curiosity was that … More Anamorphic Lens


Went away last weekend to Nagano with the fam. I asked them where they’d like to go if they had a weekend and this is what they picked. They picked it because of a TV show, Taiga Drama. It is a period drama, usually with lots of swords, horses, armor, and the like. This one … More Nagano

Mount Fuji

Fuji. Never climbed the mountain, only looked at it from afar. Feels wrong, having spent 20 years or so in the country. But I do get nearby for work. So I took a detour on the way back home last time. Took a couple of pics from a lake in Yamanashi. It wasn’t the perfect … More Mount Fuji

Japan is Beautiful

I’ve been writing about how Japan is weird, and how I have come to think of it as not so weird anymore. What I haven’t written about is just how beautiful the place is. I don’t get out enough. I spend a lot of time – like the rest of us – with my head … More Japan is Beautiful

Makuhari Sunset

Since I had such a good time yesterday with some night shots, I decided to keep experimenting. Below is early sunset from my balcony. About an hour before sunset. And here is nearly the same view about an hour later. Not actually sunset, but just moments before. And here’s a panorama, combining 3 photos stitched … More Makuhari Sunset