Rainbow Bridge Time Lapse

I found myself with some free time early Sunday evening. The kids were out with their mother, and I had a new camera to try out. My Panasonic GH4 is a lot of fun. The ISO on the camera reaches 25,600, which I shouldn’t complain about. Even 3-4 years ago, that was the state of the art. But not these days. You can get a Sony A7s, which has an amazing max 409,600. It’s like cat vision, really. With 25,600 ISO and a decent lens, I didn’t need to open the shutter as long as I did. But I wanted the light streaks that used to come with night shooting, so I kept the ISO low, and increased the shutter speed to 1.6 seconds. The following was only about a half an hour, but that is compressed to 21 seconds.


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge Time Lapse

    1. Yeah, just at that time of day, the skies are pretty grey. I was hoping for a more spectacular sunset, but no luck in that department. This was actually fully night for this shot, and the clouds were out.

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