Nearly Full Moon

On the 20th, the moon was full. I had been really looking forward to it. Earlier in the month, I had pointed my camera into the skies and taken a surprisingly good picture of the moon. But it wasn’t full yet.

On the 18th, I got a good view. I thought I’d practice for the real thing on the 20th. Then the rainy season came and closed the skies. I stayed up late, even wokemearly to catch it on the horizon. No go on the 20th.

The 18 was good though. The result is what you see.


When you blow it up, you can tell that some features are a little blurry. But still quite respectable. You can see the two or three features that I know, Tycho, the big crater in the bottom quarter. Copernicus, another big crater, in the upper left-ish corner. I still want to know where the crater is that knocked it out of orbit in 1999 though. And where is the moon base?


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