November Shodo

IMG_0958This month’s kanji reads hakugan soushin in Japanese, or baiyan shuangxin in Chinese. Like a lot of these four character sayings, it evokes sense imagery and invites you to fill in the gaps. Hakugan (baiyan) means white goose. Sou (shuang) means frost. And shin (xin) means to believe, to know, to inform. Long story short, when you watch the geese fly, you know the frost is coming.

Eh, not exactly amazing words of wisdom. But you know what? It is … true. Geese fly south for the winter. And just in time for the first frost of the year, too, as it happens. Didn’t see any geese flying south though. But maybe there just aren’t any in Tokyo. Or maybe I don’t look up into the sky enough.

Below is my hiragana submission for the month. I have to be honest, I don’t really understand the meaning of the words, but I can tell you the pronunciation.

  • ひとふるすさとをいとひてこしかとも
  • hi to fu ru su sa to wo i to hi te ko shi ka to mo
  • ならのみやこもうねな々りけり
  • na ra no mi ya ko mo u ne na na ri ke ri

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