Level Up! Kanji ! and Kana, both!

I am way too excited that I leveled up in Kanji last month. I had been struggling a little bit. When I have to stay within the rules, write textbook style, I tense up and really don’t do well. I’ve been doing this for over a year now (since September of 2014, so 15 months?), and I’d only leveled up once. But then I discovered the Gan Shinkei (Yan Zhenqing) style and it was like the ocean parted. If I can go outside the lines then I seem to loosen up. Anyway, Sensei was right, I leveled up with my October submission. The powers that be saw fit to raise me from 9th kyu to 8th kyu (see below).


Once again, this is what I submitted, just for reference.


At the same time, the powers that be saw fit to recognize my kana as level worthy. I am now officially 6th kyu in hiragana. The seven below shows my former level. If there is a circle above my name then I level up. And see that little circle there? That’s the one.


For reference, here is the kana that I submitted at the time.






2 thoughts on “Level Up! Kanji ! and Kana, both!

    1. Where do you live?

      I only know about practicing in Japan, and only my own experience. You have to find a qualified teacher. That means someone in the system who has reached “teacher” status. Then he or she will get you the monthly book from which to practice. In my experience, you then have group lessons and free writing time with your sensei. You submit once per month, and you need a stamp from the monthly publication to show your paying your dues.


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