Short Story Exerpt – Adapt or Die

More figurative pen to paper. If you want to be a beta-reader, please send me an email or leave me a comment and I’ll share the rest of the story.

Adapt or Die

Morena rounded the street corner onto the orange dusty road. The morning sun cast long silhouettes, her shadow a painfully thin giant on stilts. Stray collarless mutts growled and fought over garbage stewing in the heat. Morena looked off toward the direction of the sun, shading her eyes. A bus, overflowing with passengers, kicked up a minor sandstorm. She waved it down. The engine piped and whistled and scratched. It was packed, passengers sitting halfway out the windows, some on the roof. Morena grabbed a handrail, planted her feet on the steps, and hung off the side like a catamaran sailor. Dust swirled up from the road as it pulled away from the curb. She watched the heat shimmer along the dusty road, red-hued by the sand from the parched land on either side.

Morena watched as the neighborhoods transformed from cinderblock slums to industrial buildings, then industrial parks, then industrial campuses, then a mega-campus encircled in razor-wire fencing. Between the fence and the buildings were bulldozers and darkly tanned men wearing hard-hats. Signs hung on the fences, with large green crosses and notices reading “SAFETY FIRST”, “HARD HATS MUST BE WORN”, “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY”, and “STAND CLEAR OF NANITE BLOOM”.

Morena leaped from the cab before she got pushed by the crowd and got in line for security inspection. Hundreds of others filed inside along with her, like a single file cattle race into a livestock chute. Before the entrance a sign greeted them:


Change is happening faster than ever.

Accept it. Embrace it.

With NeuroNano Systems



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