December Shodo Level Up

The folks that run the Shodo ranking are pretty smart, I figure. I wrote about the ranking system before, kind of like belts in karate, yellow, purple, green, brown, black. There are twenty or so ranks. Getting to the first dan (like a black belt) is a long process, but achievable, with tiny incremental steps. You put the time in, you get the mini-rewards, you get motivated, you do better.


In the picture above, you can see I was ranked 8th kyu in Kanji. There is a circle over my name, so that means I leveled up. See below for Kana, 6th kyu (with kyu, they start at 10 and go down, so 6 is better than 8). I got close to the circled folks. Makes me think I can do better next time, maybe rank up. Pretty smart.


BTW, here is what I submitted last time, which got me the score you see above.






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