Tea Leaves

I spent the day in Shizuoka today. Despite having lived in the country for 18 years or so, I’d never really spent much time here.  One time I visited a friend in Hamamatsu, but I never got outside the city.

This time I drove. A lot of it highway, but then I got off the beaten path. I was driving to the coast and I saw these cute rows of shrubbery, and I thought to myself, “that’s cute, shrubs.” Only they weren’t shrubs. They were green tea plants.

Turns out something like half the green tea in Japan is produced here.

I rolled down the windows because it’s a warm day, and it hit me, a deep green smell. Sweet and earthy, I felt like the air had steeped in the leaves, like the world was a cup of tea. Not black tea, but green tea, matcha. Beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Tea Leaves

    1. I think it might have been Matcha tea plants I was looking at. It smelled more like Matcha than Sencha (the green tea you mention). Apparently Chinese tea is heated dry, while Japanese green tea is steamed. Whodathinkit. Matcha is powdered, and you drink the whole thing, including the powdered leaves.

      Either way, it was intense

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