End of Summer Fun

So what does summertime fun have to do with floating melons and submerged plums, you might be wondering. Well, I’m glad you asked. Another four character idiom for shodo this month. See the bit of kanji below (yes, my brush was a little too soaked with ink, but it was the best of the bunch):

I’m sticking with Yan Zhenqing style, doing well with the bolder strokes and thicker lettering. The long form of the idiom in Chinese goes shunlifugua fú gān guā yú qīngquán, chén zhū lǐ yú hánshuǐ. Sweet melons floating on the spring, red plums sink in cold water.

Like so many of these things, it’s all about sense imagery. Perhaps the colloquial translation of the four character idiom would be, after the hot days of summer, eat the fruit with cold water. Kind of right for shodo in the last weeks of summer. 

Also, below is my kana for the month. Not my best, but it gets the job done.


2 thoughts on “End of Summer Fun

    1. Sure, that is part of the appeal. It can get pretty deep, when you consider the original is a Chinese that isn’t spoken anymore, only written, but it’s the same characters they use now, for colloquial spoken language, but with different meaning, in Chinese, but is different in modern Japanese, though it surprisingly similar, in some ways, to the original Chinese, which isn’t spoken anymore.

      know what I mean?


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