Japan Writers Conference

No confefe, it was a conference, last weekend. Same as last year, I had two days to think about, talk about, and dream of writing. I wish I could have been more involved this year but RL is what it is. I missed the mornings on both days; I blame the fickle Japan Consumer for interfering with such important matters.

Highlights this year (not in order of importance, merely as they come to me):

1) it was at my monthly hangout, where my monthly workshop is,

2) David Gilbey, a poet and professor. While I didn’t get to join his poetry workshop, for the first time in my life I thought I could be a poet (bought two of his books- reviews to follow),

3) Victoria, a teacher/writer who wanted to be a writer, is now a full time writer,

4) John Paul Catton gave a fun presentation on “punk” from cyber to steam to diesel to sandalpunk (yeah, I didn’t agree on the sandlepunk thing either but I was totally willing to go with it),

5) Sara Ellis’s great presentation on retcon, retroactive continuity, as a way to shake up your stalled stories,

6) Leza Lowitz’s discussion on memoirs. I’d never read anything by her, but her energy was amazing.

7) My friend and neighbor, Diane’s talk on publishing in the ESL market.

I wish I could have these conferences every day. It’s like crack for inspiration.


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