April Shodo

The pressure is on. Now that I’m 1kyu, I’m worried I can keep the same level of quality. The below ain’t bad but is it 1kyu ? Same here for 3kyu in kanji. 

Testing Up

I just submitted some kana for a level up test. This is the first time that I get to choose what to write, how to write it, and how to arrange it on a page. It was like trying to play improvisational jazz after two piano lessons. I was paralyzed. I finally struggled through and … More Testing Up

Feb Shodo

Kanji for Feb, a little better than usual. Still struggling, but at least it’s balanced.  Kana is still about right. No leveling here, but solid stuff, imho. 

Testing Shodo

A little over 2 years back I started shodo with my daughter. On the surface, it was all about helping her get over a slump at school. She had gotten a bad test grade in kanji, and she needed a boost. Or maybe it was about making it fun, or maybe she could teach her … More Testing Shodo