Fire Drill

There was a fire drill last Wednesday. I was in a different building from where I usually work. And I had no idea they were going to have the drill. All of my meetings for like 3 hours got cancelled and I’d have zero access to the network. You see where this is going, straight … Continue reading Fire Drill


Went to the park to play basketball with my 12 year old daughter (13 in 2 months). Two of her middle school friends were there, so she got kind of shy. I asked her if she was feeling weird because her friends were there and she said, “yeah.” I suggested we go get a drink … Continue reading Hoops

Just Say Yes to Udon Noodles, and No to Drugs

If you every thought that Nancy Reagan's campaign in the 80's to Just Say no to drugs was at best a joke, welcome to Japan. Below is a poster that shows you the best technique for refusing drugs. I kid you not, eat udon noodles instead. Because "If you feel like smoking, you should slurp … Continue reading Just Say Yes to Udon Noodles, and No to Drugs


I started Shodo four years ago as a way to help my youngest on her kanji tests in school, never with the intention of pursuing it seriously. Something about how my Sensei teaches, and the regularity of studying together every week changed my attitude. Below is my official certificate that I reached shodan, first dan … Continue reading Shodan