Reflections of an Early Spring Journey in ChangAn

Most of the kanji we practice in my shodo society comes from Chinese poetry. Sometimes it’s obscure and indecipherable, others it’s pretty straightforward. Most of the time, I just write it and try hard to make it pretty. Hey, that’s the idea, right? But this month, I looked into the origins. This month is from … More Reflections of an Early Spring Journey in ChangAn

April Shodo

The pressure is on. Now that I’m 1kyu, I’m worried I can keep the same level of quality. The below ain’t bad but is it 1kyu ? Same here for 3kyu in kanji. 

Testing Up

I just submitted some kana for a level up test. This is the first time that I get to choose what to write, how to write it, and how to arrange it on a page. It was like trying to play improvisational jazz after two piano lessons. I was paralyzed. I finally struggled through and … More Testing Up