Japan is Awesome – Creativity

About a year and a half ago, I discovered a weird free magazine that inspired a “Japan is Awesome” post about mascots. The magazine wasn’t about mascots, but the cover kind of looked like it had one on it. Who knows how the mind works. The magazine is like a public service. I’m sure that the company that makes it isn’t raking in the cash.

But they make people think about health issues by making them look. Take this section on the right. It’s a great graphic which looks like some great Kobe beef.

I added the words in black to help the non-Japanese reader to see the words that are built into the image. For lack of a better translation, it says “Don’t hate so much,” or maybe, “Hate is bad.”

Or maybe it means, don’t worry. Because the text to the right reads as follows.

Humanity that has spent time since the beginning in the fight against hunger. Against such a background, it is inevitable that we try to store the excess energy of the body. Fat is especially suitable for efficiently bringing energy into the body. As such it was a strong ally in the fight against starvation. However, in Japan our relationship with fat became confused at some point. Especially excessive accumulation of inner (visceral) fat has been found to cause various diseases. And good news to you who get a little worried here. In fact inner fat is easier to lose than regular fat … Why do not you take the first step to reduce inner fat by storing the right knowledge instead?

I dunno, maybe I’m overly excited. But I just like the message. And the images.


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