A Political Joke

Politics in the US are made up of the left and the right. On the right, there's nothing right. On the left, there's nothing left. I wish I could give proper credit for the above joke. I heard it somewhere. It's not a direct quote either. But it is amazingly true. There's nothing for me … Continue reading A Political Joke

Japan is Awesome- Chu-hi

Some smart person in marketing must have figured out the low carb craze. Then they married zero carbs with Chu-hi, which is made of Shochu, a Korean cheap alcohol. Then they made it twice as strong as beer. Unsatisfied with just one flavor they started in on lychee and yes, mango. The result? A quick … Continue reading Japan is Awesome- Chu-hi

Japan is Awesome: Cheese Sand

I feel like I've been in Japan too long. Or maybe it's just peaks and valleys. I used to see oddities everywhere, bits and pieces of culture that tilt your head like a puppy trying to get human speech. Then, twenty or so years pass, and everything seems normal. Or maybe my filters are broken, … Continue reading Japan is Awesome: Cheese Sand

January Shodo

I kind of like my kanji submission this month. I still feel awkward and clumsy with the size, especially with the non-cursive style I have to use. But this month was fun if not skillful. Below is my kana submission. While I think I could have done better, I feel like I know more specifically … Continue reading January Shodo

Book Review – Dave Barry Does Japan

Book Review Dave Barry Does Japan By Dave Barry Dave Barry, for those of you who are not in the know, is a Pulitzer Prize winning author. While his more well-regarded books include I'll Mature When I'm Dead and Homes And Other Black Holes, the most representative is Boogers Are My Beat. I was first … Continue reading Book Review – Dave Barry Does Japan

Reflections of an Early Spring Journey in ChangAn

Most of the kanji we practice in my shodo society comes from Chinese poetry. Sometimes it's obscure and indecipherable, others it's pretty straightforward. Most of the time, I just write it and try hard to make it pretty. Hey, that's the idea, right? But this month, I looked into the origins. This month is from … Continue reading Reflections of an Early Spring Journey in ChangAn

Book Review – Claws of the Cat

Book Review - Claws of the Cat By Susan Spann About six months back, I joined the Japan Writers Conference, an annual event that attracts a lot of academics, intellectuals, and amazingly creative people. They also let anyone join, and it's free, so that explains why they let me in. There, I had the pleasure … Continue reading Book Review – Claws of the Cat