It was in my second year of college that I learned the meaning of the word sophomoric. It means conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature. It kind of hit hard. And it was kind of true. It was a time when I learned enough to know I didn’t really know anything.

The below is a certificate that says I reached 3rd dan in Japanese calligraphy. Kana only, not kanji (more on that later). I wrote a post earlier about how I was proud of some kana I’d done. Turns out, the powers that be agreed, so they ranked me up.

And I feel like a sophomore now. I know just enough to realize how far I have to go.

Below are the works I submitted.

I reached 2nd dan in kanji, too. Also an accomplishment, but I feel equally sure of how much more work I need to do.

The below are some of the works I submitted.

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