Please Support !

There are less than three days left ! If you could see your way to backing the kickstarter for my first published story, I will be your best friend forever. Really. For ever and ever ! Check the link here. We’re only $705 dollars away (at the time of this writing) from meeting the goal. … More Please Support !

Lawless Lands

My first short story is going to be published! “Volunteered” — in which a volunteer lawman transports a murderer to the spaceport on a backwater planet. To get off planet, he will have to run the gauntlet– has been accepted by Lawless Lands, a short story anthology from Fallstaff Publishing. It is one of twenty … More Lawless Lands


Tried it once. Only got about 30k words. This inspired me to write shorter bits. In the last year, I joined the Tokyo Writers Workshop, a great bunch of people who have been kind enough (and appropriately not so kind when necessary) to critique my short stories. I’ve written and work-shopped a half dozen since … More NaNoWriMo