Movie Credits

A great friend of mine works in the movie industry all over the world. He's based in Japan, so most of his work is here, but his work takes him all over. A couple of years back, I really wanted to see what his work was like. It was also when drones were becoming more … Continue reading Movie Credits

Movie Review – Blade Runner 2049

image thanks to Thoughts and impressions. Spoilers may ensue as I write, and I intend no editing. Readers beware. Overall impression; wow. Detailed impression; wow, but... Slightly more detailed impression; I like the following things, in no particular order. The visuals. The pace. The sound. The music (with some reservations). The characters. OK, so … Continue reading Movie Review – Blade Runner 2049

Berlin Film Review: ‘Fukushima, mon amour’

The film I mentioned earlier was reviewed by Variety. It was well-received. Some quotes from the review "rapturous response at the Berlinale" "Although she employs blunt metaphors involving tea ceremonies and geishas... Doerrie [the director] doesn’t presume to understand or verbalize what the living victims of such cataclysmic misfortune feel. Instead, her penchant for drawing awkward misfits allows … Continue reading Berlin Film Review: ‘Fukushima, mon amour’

Grüße aus Fukushima (Greetings from Fukushima) 

Last year, I went to Fukushima to make a film. My part in it was small, not acting, drone camerawork. It was a lot more devastating than I thought it would be. Devastating because the place was devastated, but also the impact it had on me. There were whole towns, communities, counties that have become … Continue reading Grüße aus Fukushima (Greetings from Fukushima)